Blog post with formatting tips for you


Here are some brief points that may help you in expressing your ideas in the form of blog articles;

- It can be also used as a short preview in the blog post list.

- Different formatting will help it stand out from the rest of the texts. Read further to see how can you format your blog posts.

Use headings to divide your content

- Shorter paragraphs make the text easier to read.

- Try to cover one idea in each paragraph and your readers will find it easy to navigate through your blog post.

- You can also highlight the important parts. The only thing left is to write your article.

- Try to focus on the academic point without involving the personal and emotional aspect of the argument.

- When someone addresses your article in non-appropriate way try to ignore it and reply only to the academically creative comments. 

- Once you have written your article, email it to where it will be checked by academic panel of Maturidi Institute and uploaded once they approve it.

Maturidi Institute family believes in your future and gives you full support.

God Bless!


Use image sections to split the content visually

Besides the headings, the image sections do a great job in splitting the content in the right places. Main sections of your blog post can be separated by the images, corresponding with the topic you cover.

You can also use blockquote formatting to emphasize the cited sources.

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