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Theology is one of the fundamentals of all religions. Great theologians of the past such as Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (died 743 AD), Abu Hanifa (died 767 AD), Abu Mansur al-Maturidi (died 944 AD), Imam Ghazali (died 1111 AD), Imam Fakhruddin Razi (died 1210 AD) and many other giants of the past established the foundations of the theology and applied it on the hot topics of their age in order to solve the confusion of the people. Unfortunately, it was abused by politicians and unqualified scholars of the past to create boundaries, and to split the people into groups and sects.


Theology is not established to create a mess and divisions between people. Rather, it is created to give an answer, based on divine sources, to the questions which concern the humanity. The questions such as:  Who am I?, What am I doing here?, What is the purpose of my life?, Is there a creator?, What does he want from me?, Why do I have to suffer?, Why do my parents had to suffer?, Where is the justice? etc...  This is achieved by:


1. Finding the foundations of the Theology which were established by the giants of this field, and restoring them and establishing them on the divine sources.


2. Using these foundations to respond to the contemporary questions of Humanity, and solving the confusions caused by abusing Theological principles by non-qualified scholars of the past and present.


3. Stopping the abuse of the Theology by non-qualified scholars who are using it for wrong reasons such as; gaining a power or fame, dividing the society and spreading a hatred.

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +1hr 20mins / 1 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Shaykh delivered this introductory lecture in Holloway University of London ISoc Islamic Awareness Week 2013. One should watch this lecture if one is looking for an introduction to the topic of Islamic Theology. It covers how Aqeedah was set up as a science in the Islamic world and taught through the Salaf-us-Saliheen. 

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +5hrs / 5 lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: 'The Aqeeda of the Salaf'. Everyone talks about it...but what exactly IS it? It seems confusion and blind adherence reign supreme and despite an abundance of talks and courses it is hard to get a clear picture. To avail this need, a series of seminars was set up in East London and an interactive format was used to give clarification to the layman and to enable people to question openly without fear of censure or ridicule...see for yourself!

These lectures will cover historical facts of Aqeedah of the Salaf as well as cover issues such as the question of "Where is Allah?", "His Throne", "The right hand of God", "The authenticity and Isnaad of Abu Hanifah" etc. 

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +1hrs30mins / 2 lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: A question that has taxed the best minds of all civilizations through the ages: Do we have free will? What IS free will? What is the reality of causation? If God knows what we will do, what is the point? Isn't he controlling our actions? If so, how can he judge us when we are mere puppets? The positions of the Asharis, Wahhabis, Maturidis and Mu'tazzila are presented with surprising results... A masterful introduction for anyone interested in Islamic and non-Islamic philosophy, the history of thought or simply the 'Big Questions'.

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +5hrs / 6 lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: A series of lectures on nothing less than the most important topic in Islam or any field of thought or activity: what is the limit, if any, on the use of the human intellect in terms of arriving at 'truth'? Is there a conflict between reason and revelation in revealed religions and which has primacy? At the risk of spoilers, this series of lectures is indispensable, because it literally frees the imprisoned minds of Muslims and others: reason is openly given primacy by both itself and the Quran: if the role of reason is merely to take one to revelation and thereafter not to be trusted, as many false intellectuals amongst both Muslims and Christians claim, then the means by which one reached said revelation are faulty, since they are not to be trusted...

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +1hr25mins / 1 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: A The Glorius Quran is a book held in very high esteem amongst Muslims around the world. Not only do we claim it's the word of God, but also accept that it is 100% infallible and authentic. In this lecture, the Shaykh looks at the critical points and allegations made against the Quran. In this lecture the following issues are covered:

- Is Quran Mutawatir (mass narrated)?

- Did Uthman (ra) burn the Quran?

- How was Quran revealed?

- Was Quran revealed in parts or twice?

- Was it revealed in more than one language?

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons:  +5hrs / 5 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Many sects/denominations in the past within Islam would deem Philosophy as forbidden to study, some would even call them studying it as heretics. However nor is it forbidden to study and neither is the person studying it deemed a heretic. Shaykh Atabek Shukurov goes over the principles of Islamic Philosophy and its origins in this lecture. He explains the basics of the main principles in this short video. An excellent video to watch if one is looking to study philosophy (islamic or non-islamic) or wants an introduction into the science. 

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +1hrs 30mins / 2 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Shaikh Atabek Shukurov introduces the topic of Hadhrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu from the Sunni Tradition.

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +25mins / 1 lecture 

Course Text: n/a

About: Khidr (as) is a person mentioned in the Quran in Surah Qahf. He is a personality that many have spoke about in the Sunni tradition. SOme claim he is a Prophet of God whereas others say he is an Awliyah (friend of Allah). Some mystics (sufis) even claim to have met him and learnt from him. What did RasoolAllah (saw) say about him and what does the Quran say. This lecture will explore this and also the main question of whether he is still alive or did he pass away. 

Topic: Aqeedah

Duration/Lessons: +3hrs 45mins / 3 lecture 

Course Text: n/a

About: The Aqeedah of the Salaf is something all sects claim to follow. What is the ultimate aqeedah and how close are we to it today. The lecture explores aqeedah and the different perspecctives to it. 

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