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the message of maturidi institute from the heart of shaykh atabek shukurov

Many find only a mirage, when seeking water. Many attain mere copper whilst seeking gold. Many find only glass on their quest for diamonds. So know that the best route for the destination is the route which has been tested and experienced by authentic guides for thousands of years. We follow and teach the traditional way of classical Islam, following in the footsteps of giants of sacred knowledge.


Maturidi family is a group of intellectuals from all over the world who are trying to connect the efforts of the thinkers of the past with the scholars of the present to produce a beneficial fruits for the researchers of the future. We believe that the technical language which was used by the classical scholars of the past made their works not accessible for the layman who is looking for answers for his theological and philosophical questions. Our aim is to translate their work in to the language which can be understood by ordinary seekers, so that everyone can benefit from very wealthy heritage. In order to make this happen Maturidi Institute has created a panel of top scholars and academics from all over the world who are coming from different faiths and backgrounds.


Theology never meant to cause frictions and problems in the life of humanity. There were many great theologians and philosophers in the past who tried their best to find an answer to the questions which bothered the humanity for centuries. The names of some of these theologians could be known but their works and fruits of their research may not be as known. Maturidi Institute tries its best to revive these works and put them under the spotlight, hoping it will benefit the humanity in the contemporary life when many people are looking for answers but only few are finding it.

Shaykh Atabek Shukurov an-Nasafi

CEO of Maturidi Institute

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