Maturidi College
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Our objective is to encourage students and teachers to critically think and analyse information, which we firmly believe is the traditional scholarly approach.

Our program is designed in two formats:

1. Face to face studying - four years of studying various subjects in order to gain strong basis in both of textual and rational sciences. (Currently unavailable)

2. Distance learning of various subjects in Religious and Philosophical fields. The lectures are released along with the manual and questionnaire on weekly bases. The students are required to involve and interact with the topics taught. At the end of the hear assignments have to be sent to the teacher. (Available now)

- A student can chose one or multiple modules (according to his own desire). This is the most popular out of three by our students. Students who have studied already and willing to fill the missing part of their knowledge normally go for this type. It also helps the people who are not willing to go into the broad academia but only want to gain good level of awareness of specific subject.


 Institute carries academic researches in various fields. Qualified instructors of the Institute supervise and direct the junior researchers by providing valuable guidance. Types of researches:

2. Individual Academics who are not affiliated to the Institute researching under the guidance of our Senior Instructors.

3. Joint research carried between our institute and some other academical institutes.

4. Individuals or officials requesting Maturidi institute to research in a topic that concerns them.

Researches include the subjects such as:

- History of Religions (not only Abrahamic).

- Inter-Faith dialogues. It became very clear that without spreading a mutual understanding between the members of different religions we cannot bring a tranquility in the society. Our research helps to open gates of understanding, respect and compassion between the people of different Faiths.

- Foundations of Faith.

- Revelation and its history.

- Transmission of Holy Words of the Prophets.

- History of Schools of Thoughts and Sects.

- Scientific Miracles of Holy Scripts.

- Analysis of old manuscripts

- Looking for a legal verdict of a jurisprudential issue

- Islamic Finances

Academic Retreats

The institute holds regular academic retreats in the UK and abroad, where it will be hosting the world renowned intellectuals and scholars from different faiths. The aim of the retreats is to spread awareness about various topics related to theology, philosophy and many other sciences.

The retreats are held independently as well as together with other institutes worldwide.


The institute delivers various types of solo and joint lectures in academic centers, universities and institutes. There is no specific area of lectures, though it is consistent in the following points:

1. Testing the information

2.Challenging and authenticating any type of knowledge even the one which is accepted by commonsense.

3. Enforcing the knowledge in the service of the creation.

The institute is open to accept suggestions and invitations from different academicals establishments and individual bodies.