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"Many find only a mirage, when seeking water. Many attain mere copper whilst seeking gold. Many find only glass on their quest for diamonds. So know that the best route for the destination is the route which has been tested and experienced by authentic guides for thousands of years. We follow and teach the traditional way of classical Islam, following in the footsteps of giants of sacred knowledge.


   Maturidi family is a group of intellectuals from all over the world who are trying to connect the efforts of the thinkers of the past with the scholars of the present to benefit and produce fruits for the researchers of the future. We believe that the technical language which was used by the classical scholars of the past made their works not accessible for the layman who is looking for answers for his theological and philosophical questions. Our aim is to ..."

 q&a, video q&a, lectures, courses , articles and more

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scholarship, courses, lectures, articles and more

Structured & Self-paced Islamic Studies

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   Our Method of Delivery (Online Distance Learning)

  1. Online Live Learning via Zoom and Distance Learning (Recordings)

  2. Dedicated Learning Management System (Learning Portal) with Lessons via Zoom accessible via windows / mac computer, mobile phone (android and iPhone) and tablets (android and iPad). All Examinations completed online.

  3. Opportunity to meetup at Events, Q&A, Retreats and more.

  4. All modules / qualifications subject to completing and passing the examination come with certification and isnaad (Authentic certificate going through the teacher to the author of the text)

  5. Our teachers are mentored through the program under the tutelage of Shaykh Atabek. Teachers / scholars are encouraged to focus on research and teaching new optional and specialist modules each year advancing and progressing that area of study. We also have a strong ethos in scholars of the future to advance the knowledge and therefore the Shaykh may choose senior students who have qualified to teach.

  6. After completing 3 years / 3 levels and after qualifying there is no stop you may continue with Maturidi and study the specialist fields and either provide support or carry out your own research project with the guidance of Shaykh Atabek and other scholars.

  7. Our Islamic Scholarship program is highly flexible, allowing students to study modules at their own pace. We have an advisory timeframe of 3 years for completion. Examinations are held on a bi-annual basis for the modules already completed.

  8. We have a strong ethics in which we believe that the basic / foundation knowledge in each field should read everyone and therefore Shaykh Atabek has decided there will be no cost for these level 1 FREE (with nominal admin fee) - Basic / Foundation knowledge for modules.

  9. Continuous development - There is no end to learning, research and seeking knowledge. During our research if we believe, we need to go back to a text and further review and teach it with new principles we will do without hesitation. 



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who we are and what is our mission?


Shaykh Atabek Shukurov

 Hakeem Sh. Atabek Shukrov is born in Uzbekistan while it was still part of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, or as we called it here, the 'USSR'. He is from the dynasty of Herbalists and Religious scholars from his mother's side....(read more)

About the Institute.

Maturidi College

 Maturidi family is a group of intellectuals from all over the world who are trying to connect the efforts of the thinkers of the past with the scholars of the present to produce a beneficial fruits for the researchers of the future...(read more)

 The aim of the website is to become a knowledge portal which will be in form of online lectures, online courses, short q&a and more. One of our objectives are to make this knowledge available for free through this website....(read more)

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