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about maturidi institute, our message, aims and objectives

Maturidi Institute Logo
Tomb Abu Mansur Maturdi

Maturidi Institute is an organisation which has been founded by the renowned Scholar and Herbalist: Sh. Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi to focus on research and education.  His immaculate character and ocean of knowledge in both the Islamic Sciences  and Herbal Medicine make him second to none in this field. 


Maturidi Institute are specialists in a wide range of fields including Aqeedah, Hadith, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, Comaprative Religion, Contemporary and Other Sciences.  Our aim is to educate people using the authentic knowledge from the past and ensuring the right means are in place to ensure the message is passed to future generations. We are a non-profit based organisation in which all profits are used for research  purposes.


To find out more about what each of the field are please visit the relevant page under lectures section.

Our Objectives


Carry out extensive research in a wide range of fields with a group of intellectuals (scholars and academics) from all over the world and from different faiths and backgrounds by:


  • Supporting individuals including scholars, academics and students

  • Supporting groups and other organisations


Share the outcomes of the research and promote critical analysis of existing information and encouraging academics on development of further research by:


  • Providing a means of teaching the subject including lectures, courses, publications and more

  • Providing a means of sharing the outcomes including publication of articles and books



Current Research Topics 


Our Institute carries academic researches in various fields. Qualified instructors of the Institute supervise and direct the junior researchers by providing valuable guidance. Types of researches:



  1. Individual Academics who are not affiliated to the Institute researching under the guidance of our Senior Instructors.

  2. Joint research carried between our institute and some other academical institutes.

  3. Individuals or officials requesting Maturidi institute to research in a topic that concerns them.


   Research includes the subjects such as:


  • History of Religions (not only Abrahamic).

  • Inter-Faith dialogues. It became very clear that without spreading a mutual understanding between the members of different religions we cannot bring a tranquility in the society. Our research helps to open gates of understanding, respect and compassion between the people of different Faiths.

  • Foundations of Faith.

  • Revelation and its history.

  • Transmission of Holy Words of the Prophets.

  • History of Schools of Thoughts and Sects.

  • Scientific Miracles of Holy Scripts.

  • Analysis of old manuscripts

  • Looking for a legal verdict of a jurisprudential issue

  • Islamic Finances





The institute delivers various types of solo and joint lectures in academic centers, universities and institutes. There is no specific area of lectures, though it is consistent in the following points:


  1. Testing the information

  2. Challenging and authenticating any type of knowledge even the one which is accepted by commonsense.

  3. Enforcing the knowledge in the service of the creation.


The institute is open to accept suggestions and invitations from different academicals establishments and individual bodies.​

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