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a wide collection of lectures/courses/seminars given by Sh.Atabek on spirituality

Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  40mins

Course Text: n/a

About: The world of Jinn has always been a smoky territory – both children and adults love to divulge into stories of this hidden world. However, just telling stories is not enough, it is important to empower ourselves with knowledge of the unseen. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم taught us how to preserve and protect oneself from evil creations and obscure sciences like black magic, voodoo, etc... Protection learned from the Sunnah is the best way to be fight against these hidden traps. Equip yourself with knowledge providing spiritual self defense!


This short lecture covers the basic signs of black magic and how to protect oneself against it. 

Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  +2hrs / x4 lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: It goes by many names and titles in our time: Tasawwuf, Ihsan, Tariqa, Tazkiya, Sufism and Spirituality. What is it and does it have any basis in the religion of Islam? 


These lectures have been grouped as they cover one of the most complicated sciences of our time - Sufism. They have been grouped to make it easy to access and give an overall picture of this science. 

Nasseha Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  +1hrs / 2 lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: It Naseeha or good advise is one of the most important things in the world. THe Shaykh goes over ahadith and stories related to naseeha and how to give good advise. This is related to morals and spirituality. 

Nasseha Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  +3hrs / 2 lessons

Course Text: Risalat at-Tayr of Imam Ghazali

About: Risalat-at-Tayr, best translated as the epistle of the birds, could be mistaken for a fairytale story of children or the script to a Hollywood movie. It is probably the inspiration to “The Wizard of Oz” yet this cryptic tale is a master piece about the spiritual journey to Allah(swt). The story is told of a group of birds who travel to meet their King. However theirs is a journey of obstacles and challenges that they must overcome to meet their King. Every sentence holds a treasure of hidden meaning that only a Shaykh of knowledge and insight can unravel. Can you afford to miss this wealth of enlightenment?

Nasseha Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  +5hrs / 2 lessons

Course Text: Fives Seasons of Life by Abu'l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi

About: Abu'l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi (508 AH-597 AH) from Bagdad was an Islamic scholar whose family traces their lineage back to that of Abu Bakr, who the famous companion of the Prophet Muhammad and first caliph of Islam. Ibn Jawzi belonged to the Hanbali school of (Fiqh) jurisprudential thought. He was known for his works in exegesis of the Qur'an as well as his numerous hadith writings. One of the more famous of the latter is his "Tahqiq", a compendium of both the hadith evidences used by the Hanbali school of jurisprudential thought and a work of compartive law (Arabic,Fiqh). He is said to have been a precocious child who allegedly made his first speech at the age of ten that was attended by a crowd of 50,000, and authored his first book at the age of thirteen. “The 5 Seasons of Life” is a text which deals with improving ones spiritual nature and how to ensure that a person makes each season of their life a success, both in this world and the here- after.

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +4hrs / 3 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Ruqya, are you protected is more than just a lecture but rather a course taught by Shaykh Atabek. The Shaykh has a profound amount of experience in the field of Ruqya and spiritual healing. He has given lectures on this topic around the world and healed many people through this science. The field of spiritual healing is one which has many controversies, many misunderstandings and many fake claimants that are out there hungry for people’s money. This lecture delves into all these questions and even teaches you how to distinguish between the real and fake Raqi (spiritual healer). The Prophet (saw) narrated to have spoke about spiritual healing and the different methods one can use...

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