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Ruqya Course - Spiritual Healing

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +4hrs / 3 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Ruqya, are you protected is more than just a lecture but rather a course taught by Shaykh Atabek. The Shaykh has a profound amount of experience in the field of Ruqya and spiritual healing. He has given lectures on this topic around the world and healed many people through this science. The field of spiritual healing is one which has many controversies, many misunderstandings and many fake claimants that are out there hungry for people’s money. This lecture delves into all these questions and even teaches you how to distinguish between the real and fake Raqi (spiritual healer). The Prophet (saw) narrated to have spoke about spiritual healing and the different methods one can use: from blowing, touching, or massaging the area of pain and reading certain duas. What are these methods? How do you perform them correctly? What is the difference between them? Why are there so many different ways? What about the new innovated ways some people use? Can anyone heal or do you have to be a “peer” “fakir”, “scholar” or “pious person”? These are just some of the many questions addressed and answered in this lecture.