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a wide collection of lectures/courses/seminars given by sh.atabek on other sciences

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +2hrs30mins / 1 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: "Whispers That Possess"- Intensive discourse organised by Madina Institute North West and hosted by close partners The University of Salford Madinah Society. Are you puzzled over the issue of Black Magic? What is it? Is it a South Asian practice or is it simply something from a Hollywood movie? What is Ta’weez and does it have a basis in Islam? How do you deal with Black Magic? What is the ruling regarding those who carry out Black Magic? UNCOVER the answers and control those WHISPERS…

Topic: Contemporary

Duration/Lessons: +1hr 30mins / 1 lecture

Course Text: n/a

About: A subject that will no doubt always crop up when discussing Islam. "What are the rights of women in Islam" and are these rights fair and equal to their male counterparts. This lecture simply an honesttly talks about practically all of the controversies around Islam and women: Asking questions others won’t, answering questions others don’t. A great lecture for those in the field of Dawah to prepare themselves with answers to controversial questions. 

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +2hrs / 4 lesson

Course Text: Various books of Seerah 

About: The life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) has many pearls of wisdom that we as humans can learn from. Shaykh Atabek pulls out some small stories from the life of the Prophet (saw) and explains the wisdoms they hold. 

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +30mins / 1 lesson

Course Text: n/a


Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +4hrs / 2 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: The Lost Science of Feature Reading is a study of Classical texts written on one of the lost sciences of Islam. This is the second series to the Lost Sciences DVDs This science known as “Ilm-ul-Firasah” was compiled into books by Imam Faqar Uddin ar Razi and Imam Abdullah al Ansari.  They narrate how certain Sahabah (companions of the Messenger) were masters in Ilm-ul-Firasa. How do you read a person's face? Is this knowledge taken from Quran and Sunnah or is it just a myth that people speak about? If its true then can one learn this science or is it a God-given gift of knowledge that people receive? All these questions are discussed and answered in this lecture...

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +4hrs / 3 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Ruqya, are you protected is more than just a lecture but rather a course taught by Shaykh Atabek. The Shaykh has a profound amount of experience in the field of Ruqya and spiritual healing. He has given lectures on this topic around the world and healed many people through this science. The field of spiritual healing is one which has many controversies, many misunderstandings and many fake claimants that are out there hungry for people’s money. This lecture delves into all these questions and even teaches you how to distinguish between the real and fake Raqi (spiritual healer). The Prophet (saw) narrated to have spoke about spiritual healing and the different methods one can use...

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +2hrs 30mins / 3 lesson

Course Text: n/a

About: Black Magic is a subject spoke about by many people but only a few know little about it. The Quran talks about Black Magic in a few places of the Quran. Allah says: “And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut." What is this black magic that they were doing, what methods do they use and how do we counteract against it? Find out in this extraordinary and unique lecture. 

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