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The Lost Science of Feature Reading

Topic: Other Sciences

Duration/Lessons:  +4hrs / 2 lesson

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About: The Lost Science of Feature Reading is a study of Classical texts written on one of the lost sciences of Islam. This is the second series to the Lost Sciences DVDs This science known as “Ilm-ul-Firasah” was compiled into books by Imam Faqar Uddin ar Razi and Imam Abdullah al Ansari.  They narrate how certain Sahabah (companions of the Messenger) were masters in Ilm-ul-Firasa. How do you read a person's face? Is this knowledge taken from Quran and Sunnah or is it just a myth that people speak about? If its true then can one learn this science or is it a God-given gift of knowledge that people receive? All these questions are discussed and answered in this lecture. A must see lecture as one of the students, not convinced, challenges the Shaykh to read his face. Watch this exclusive footage and decide for yourselves if this is a mythical science or a lost science. The decision is yours!