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Introduction to the Islamic Scholarship program

   Maturidi Institute is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for those seeking to study on the classical Islamic Scholarship program which is designed to take the seeker from a Foundation level to an Advanced level in Islamic Scholarship. The program has 2 main options and these are either the module based learning or study on the basis of the 3 year advisory learning program. On the flexible module option you have the option of choosing the modules you want to study at your own pace. This also works for individuals who have previously studied certain texts / subjects and need to fill in 'gaps' their knowledge or simply for those that are not willing to go into the broad academia but only want to gain good level of awareness of specific subject.


   On the 3 year advisory program if you have a zeal and thirst for knowledge you can also cover the 3 years in a shorter time depending on your own pace of learning. You will have control on the duration and amount of modules you want to take in a given time.


   Students will enjoy learning the Islamic Sciences in a flexible program from the comfort of their homes, in any part of the globe.  The 3 years / levels program is designed to produce the most learned and authentic classical Islamic Scholars in the world ready to face the academical and philosophical challenges of today. Thereafter, students will have the opportunity to specialize in their area of interest (eg: Hadith, Theology, Arabic etc). The sophisticated subjects in the specialist's program have been carefully selected to give a holistic and deep learning opportunity to the students. It is to further ones level so one can become a Grammarian or Theologian rather than just an Alim or Alima. 


   The scholarship program is unique as not only the learning of level 1 or year 1 modules are offered at zero cost but you can progress at our pace and choose what modules you would like to study. However please note to gain access to year / level 2 modules you will need to have completed and passed all year / lesson 1 modules.


   The variety of modules are mainly taught by the famous eminent scholar: Shaykh Atabek Shukurov. This was mainly due to the demand of students wanting to study under the great Shaykh and achieve their Isnaad (Authentic certificate going through the teacher to the author of the text). 




Overview of the Scholarship & Specialism Curriculum


   When studying the unique, classical and knowledge-based curriculum of Maturidi Institute, the student will have the option of not only qualifying as an Alim/Alima (Islamic Scholar) but also specialising to become a specialist in one or more of the Islamic Sciences, depending on the students own zeal for knowledge.


   Maturidi Institute gives a certificate of completion for each module studied as well as a Sanad (An Authentic Islamic Certificate) for most module texts studied. This means if the student decides to leave at any given year, with our "individual module certification" the student still leaves with authentic certification to take with them to any other institute of learning. Furhermore, if they decide to finish early and still want to teach, they can do this for the module/text they have been certified in. 


The Scholarship and Specialisms program are as follows: 


  1. Year 1 (Foundation Level)     

  2. Year 2 (Intermediate Level) 

  3. Year 3 (Advanced Level) - **Completion of Islamic Scholarship**  

  4. Year 4+ (Option to specialise in Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Arabic, Quran, Ihsan)







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the student of knowledge will have the choice of specialising in one of the following sciences:


Options of Study the Scholarship Programme


   Maturidi Institute has considered the various feedback given from previous students to come up with study plans suitable for a wide range of people. Studying the Islamic Sciences has never been easier than this. The 3 scholarship options are:

  • Option 1 - Structured 3 years Islamic Scholarship (Alim/Alimah) Program

  • Option 2 - Flexible Islamic Scholarship (Alim/Alimah) Program / Module based learning 

  • Option 3 - Free to view and learn modules (year 1) with an option to certify and progress onto the scholarship program

There are 2 main options of study you can sign up for are: 3 Year Full-Time program (Option 1) or Individual modules (Option 2 and 3)


3 Year




The 3 Year FT program is developed and designed by the Shaykh and his team. The Shaykh looked at his years of experience in teaching the Islamic Sciences, the types of students that usually sign up and the time it takes to study and digest the subjects. He then developed the 3 years program. 






The Individual Modules is a flexible studying option, where the seeker has the full control on what he/she wants to study and under what time-frame. This was developed for those adults who are wanting to study but at their own pace. It is also designed for students of knowledge who have maybe studied some of the modules before with the Shaykh or others and want to get an Ijazah/Sanad (certificate) in the subject. 


  • The overall Cost is cheaper than choosing the individual modules option.

  • You will follows a tried and tested model supporting him to obtain scholarship in 3 years.

  • You will be following a tried and tested program that is advised to study by the Shaykh.

  • Obtain graduation at the same time as other students who have enrolled in the program.

  • Each year you will get access to the Live lessons taught by Shaykh Atabek or the other teachers of Maturidi Institute.

  • The restricted time-frame (year by year) will give you less freedom but more organisational and time management skills. As the program will push you to complete the modules within the year.


  • You have less flexibility on modules and timing of study.

  • you will only be able to complete the modules in year 1 before you can move onto the modules in year 2. 

  • You will only have a academic year timeframe of when to study the modules in each year. 

  • You will have less flexibility on when and how quick or slow you want to study the modules


  • You will have more flexibilty on the modules. Choose to complete them faster or slower. It is entirely your choice. 

  • No limit on when you can complete the module once payment is made. 

  • You can delay the payment for Year 1 modules after you have watched the lectures and when you feel you are ready for the exam.

  • You can potentially (depending on your own zeal) complete the year modules faster, reducing your time till qualification.  


  • The cost per module works out more than choosing the 3-year plan. 

  • You will have to manage your own time and commitment to the module to complete it. 


Course Modules Overview


   Below is an overview of the modules you can study. The pre-recorded modules for year 1 are free to view and learn. All you need to do is enrol for the flexible learning program. You can obtain an ijazah/sanad for most of them as well. Find out more about What is a Sanad/Isnaad if you want information on this form of certification.


   Scroll through the 3 years to see what modules are taught and offered on the course. Click on the Year button below to find out more information on the year of study. Click on the Individual module to find out more about the module and access the lectures.


< Please use the left and right arrows on the side of the table to go to the modules in different years >



Certification & Isnaad 


In the Scholarship program you will have the chance to receive two types of certifications:


  1. A certificate for passing the module (Pass mark is usually 50%)

  2. A Sanad/Isnaad or Ijazah certification giving you an eligibility to become a teacher or moderator of the text


Find out more about the Sanad (Islamic Authenticating system)

How will you be assessd?
In the Scholarship program each module will be assessed separately, regardless of its size or duration. This is because each module holds a certificate and/or Isnaad (Sanad) to the text studied. Once you complete the module(s) you have chosen then you will either be assessed by: 1.Exam or 2.Assignment need to take the exam or complete the assignment. All assignments and Exams are taken on the same day. If you turn to the calendar you will see the Exam Date and the Assignment due date. 
Exams Assessment
You must take the exam on the prescribed days, as all exams are timed and sent out online with a restricted time limit on them. Once opened the exam will start and so will the timer so you need to make sure you are in an appropriate location, with no distractions so you can take this exam without hesitation. 

Most modules in the 3 years will be assessed through a timed exam. 

The Pass mark for most Exams will be 50% unless stated otherwise.
The Ijazah mark (mark required for a Sanad/Isnaad) for most exams will be 75% unless stated otherwise.
Assignment Assessment procedure
There are some modules that will be assessed through an academical assignment rather than an exam. This is done to test the student's knowledge and understanding as well as improve the students academic writing skills. Unfortunately, Muslims and Islamic Scholars today are not writing nearly enough on the analysis of religion and topics related to it. Alhamdulillah, we have many speakers and orators that will excite the audiences with emotional talks, but in the field of academia, we lack as an Ummah. 

In Year 1 you are required to write 1 assignment of +1000 words and in Year 2; 2 assignments of similar word count. In Year 3 you will be required to submit a research paper of +5000 words that will be done on a topic of your choice related to an accumulation of the sciences and knowledge covered the 3 years. 

For the requirements of each assignment visit the student portal or website for more info.
Enrolment AND Process
Option 1 - Structured 3 years Islamic Scholarship (Alim/Alimah) Program
  1. Click here to go to our learning management system 
  2. View the Islamic Scholarship Bundle
  3. Once enrolled you can view and learn all the modules on the learning platform. All examinations, assessments etc will also be issued through the learning management system. Please note you must have completed and passed year 1 before proceeding to year 2
Option 2 - Flexible Islamic Scholarship (Alim/Alimah) Program / Module Based Learning
  1. Click here to go to our learning management system
  2. View the course and individual modules and click on enrol now
  3. Once enrolled you can view and learn pre-recorded modules on the learning platform in your own time.
  4. If you require certification / Sanad for the module, please go to the test on the learning management system which will ask for a payment and then provide instructions to complete the examination / assessment. 
  5. Once you have passed, certification / sanad will be issued
  6. If you fail, the first re-sit is free thereafter every re-sit is charged at 50%
  7. On this option you manage the program on a self paced basis and can complete all the scholarship modules in this method.
Option 3 - Free to view and learn modules (year 1)
  1. Click here to go to our learning management system
  2. View the course and individual modules. You can view the free modules from the course page. Registeration required but no enrolment unless you can require certification or will be proceeding to the scholarship program.
  3. Once enrolled you can view and learn pre-recorded modules on the learning platform in your own time.
  4. If you require certification / Sanad for the module, please go to the test on the learning management system which will ask for a payment and then provide instructions to complete the examination / assessment. 
  5. Once you have passed, certification / sanad will be issued
  6. If you fail, the first re-sit is free thereafter every re-sit is charged at 50%
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