a wide collection of lectures/courses/seminars given by sh.atabek on prophetic tradition

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +6hrs / 6 Lessons

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith and Hadith Exegesis)

About: How exactly should Muslims approach Hadith literature? Do we act upon all Sahih Hadith? Are all 'Sahih' Hadith 'true'? Is Bukahari Sharif 'perfect'? Who is qualified to use Hadith? Is a Hadith 'Proof' in an argument? Is 'Hadith spamming allowed'? Who or what are 'Ahlal Hadith'? All this and more in YET ANOTHER brilliant talk, tackling this oft-misunderstood subject. Detailed and indispensable as always. These 6 lessons will cover many topics related to Hadith. One should study this before delving deeper into Hadith or Usul-ul-Hadith studies. 

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +3.5hrs

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: Whenever this topic is brought up it seems to elicit strong reactions from Muslims, with the differing views calling each other 'modernists' or 'backward' and so on. Some see it as an 'open and shut' case not worthy of discussion and not accommodating of dissent. But what was the REAL position of the early Muslims on this issue? Did they even make such a big deal out of it? Why are both sides so determined to prove their case? Is there another agenda here? This talk is balanced and detailed and transcends mere polemics and cultural biases and highlights the actual strength of Muslim theologians vis - a - vis other religious functionaries: the ability to engage in critical thinking.

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +2.5hrs / 2 Lesson 

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: Nikah or marriage is considered as one of the most intimate communion between man and woman. It is the building block of society that is strongly advised upon every man and woman who meets the conditions of marriage. In the case of needing to protect one's chastity it raises to the level of wajib (compulsory) should the believer have the wealth to support a spouse. This lecture is a commentary on the 40 Hadith pertaining to marriage through a Fiqhi perspective. A must watch for anyone seeking to marry or already married.

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +1hrs / 1 Lesson 

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: Short lecture on Hadith and Marriage. It introduces the topic of marriage and the approach Hadith has to it. 

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +1.5hrs / 2 Lessons

Course Text: 40 Hadith on the Wives of the Prophet (saw) by Hafiz Ibn Asaqir al Dimisqi.

About: Khadija, Aisha, Hafsah bint Umar (ra) are just a few of the names of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This lecture covers beautiful narrations (Ahadith) on the wives of RasoolAllah (saw). As Muslims we believe love for the wives and family of the Prophet (saw) is a part of Imaan and belief. But if we have to love them then we must know about them. This is a good lecture to look at some pearls from their lives. 

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +50mins / 1 Lessons

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: A lecture on introducing one of the most famous books of Hadith collections to be compiled in the Muslim world. Imam Muslim ibn Al Hajjaj was born in Persia, in the city of Nishapur (modern day Iran). It is highly acclaimed by Sunni Muslims and considered the second most authentic hadith collection after Sahih al-Bukhari. It was collected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim.[3] Its authenticity has sometimes been questioned due to the fact that it was written over 250 years after the Islamic Prophet, Muhammed. Regardless of this, Sunni Muslims believe it to be genuine and authentic.

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +50mins / 1 Lecture

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: An Introduction to the Hanafi principles of testing hadith.  A book that was authored and translated by Shaykh Atabek himself. Shaykh Atabek has spent many years of research, engrossed over old books and manuscripts of the Hanafi madhab to extract the science of Hanafi Mustalah-ul-Hadith (Usul-ul-Hadith) or in English known as the "Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith". This was a lecture Shaykh Atabek gave for the release of his book. 

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +3hrs30mins / 3 Lectures

Course Text: Sahih al Bukhari

About: This is a 3 series lecture on the book of Sahih al Bukhari. In 2013 Shaykh Atabek hosted a Bukhari Retreat. This retreat focused on the study and recitation (Sama'a) of Sahih Al Bukhari. The Isnaad of Bukhari was given to those present and listening to the Ahadith. Shaykh then gave commentary (sharh) on certain select Ahadiths. He divided the lectures into 3: 
1. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Iman (Aqeedah)
2. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Islam (Fiqh)
3. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Ihsan (Tasawwuf)

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