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40 Hadith on the Wives of the Prophet (saw)

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +2.5hrs / 2 Lesson 

Course Text: 40 Hadith on the virtues of the Wives of RasoolAllah (saw) - by: Hafiz Ibn Asaqir al Dimisqi.

About: RasoolAllah (saw) once said 

"Whosoever memorises and preserves for my people forty hadith relating to the sunnah and he conveys it to them, on the Day of Judgment I shall be an intercessor or a witness for him" - Narrated by Ibn Umar (ra). 


As a result of this hadith, we have had numerous scholars throughout the years that have written, narrated and preserved books on 40 hadith. Some of the famous ones are likes Imam Nawawi's forty Hadith. This lecture will cover a similar text but narrating 40 hadith on the wives of teh Prophet (saw). This is a great lecture to see what the Prophet, Sahaba and those closest to the Prophet (saw) narrated about the wives of the Prophet (saw).