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Towards understanding Hadith: How Muslims should approach Hadith

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +6hrs / 6 Lessons

Course Text: n/a

About: How exactly should Muslims approach Hadith literature? Do we act upon all Sahih Hadith? Are all 'Sahih' Hadith 'true'? Is Bukahari Sharif 'perfect'? Who is qualified to use Hadith? Is a Hadith 'Proof' in an argument? Is 'Hadith spamming allowed'? Who or what are 'Ahlal Hadith'? All this and more in YET ANOTHER brilliant talk, tackling this oft-misunderstood subject. Detailed and indispensable as always.

These 6 lessons will cover many topics related to Hadith. One should study this before delving deeper into Hadith or Usul-ul-Hadith studies.