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Hadith Study - Commentary on select Hadiths from Bukhari

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +3hrs30mins / 3 Lectures

Course Text: Sahih al Bukhari

About: This is a 3 series lecture on the book of Saih al Bukhari. In 2013 Shaykh Atabek hosted a Bukhari Retreat. This retreat focussesd on the study and recitation (Sama'a) of Saih Al Bukhari. The Isnaad of Bukhari was given to those present and listening to the Ahadith. Shaykh then gave commentary (sharh) on certain select Ahadiths. He divided the lectures into 3: 
1. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Iman (Aqeedah)
2. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Islam (Fiqh)
3. Commentary on Hadiths relating to Ihsan (Tasawwuf)

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