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The Age of Hadhrat Aisha (ra): A Balanced Answer

Topic: Hadith

Duration/Lessons:  +3.5hrs

Course Text: (Various books of Hadith)

About: Whenever this topic is brought up it seems to elicit strong reactions from Muslims, with the differing views calling each other 'modernists' or 'backward' and so on. Some see it as an 'open and shut' case not worthy of discussion and not accommodating of dissent. But what was the REAL position of the early Muslims on this issue? Did they even make such a big deal out of it? Why are both sides so determined to prove their case? Is there another agenda here? This talk is balanced and detailed and transcends mere polemics and cultural biases and highlights the actual strength of Muslim theologians vis - a - vis other religious functionaries: the ability to engage in critical thinking.