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Risalat at-Tayr (Epistle of the Birds) of Imam Ghazali

Nasseha Topic: Tasawwuf 

Duration/Lessons:  +3hrs / 2 lessons

Course Text: Risalat at-Tayr of Imam Ghazali

About: Risalat-at-Tayr, best translated as the epistle of the birds, could be mistaken for a fairytale story of children or the script to a Hollywood movie. It is probably the inspiration to “The Wizard of Oz” yet this cryptic tale is a master piece about the spiritual journey to Allah(swt). The story is told of a group of birds who travel to meet their King. However theirs is a journey of obstacles and challenges that they must overcome to meet their King. Every sentence holds a treasure of hidden meaning that only a Shaykh of knowledge and insight can unravel. Can you afford to miss this wealth of enlightenment?