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Shaykh Syed Zahid Hussain

Shaykh Syed Zahid Hussain (May Allah protect him) is a respected renowned scholar of our time. He is a great beloved teacher of many students of knowledge. He is an Imam, a Khatib (Preacher/orator), a Guide and a Great Mentor (Murshid e Mohtaram) and an Author of more than Hundred Books from which some are published and remaining will be published soon In sha Allah.

He is an expert of Ilm e kalaam, Master of Arabic language, expert of multiple languages, his teachers and other Mashaikh gave him the title of Muhaqqiq (Researcher) and a Mufakkir of Ahl us Sunnah.

Shaykh Syed Zahid Hussain was born into the noble family of "Sadaat.” His parents were simple from whom he learned simplicity. He started his early education at home under his late grandfather Hazrat Peer Syed Siraj ud Deen Sahab who was the most respected and great spiritual personality of our time who taught him Islamic Sharia, Arabic, Persian, and Islamic Sciences. 

Then he completed his early education in his local area school where Modern Education was given but Qur'aan, Islamic Studies and Arabic language was also taught. 

He is a practicing Muslim from his childhood and he can read write and understand Arabic from his childhood. For high school he was selected in CBSE school JNV Aishmuqam, Anantnaag, Kashmir, (India) where he studied till 12th. 

While he was studying in 9th he went to Uttrakhand (India) there he learnt about other culture and religion (Hindu) from his teachers and friends. There he travelled to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gopeshwar etc from where he learned Pure Hindi language.

While passing Junior College (12th) his subjects were Medical + Maths + Urdu.

While studying in JNV Aishmuqam everyday he made his habit to read books on different subjects, arts fiction science etc and also he used to buy Islamic books for reading. He also used to make drawings appreciated by his art teacher who even gifted him some books on Drawing and Paintings.

After passing 12th standard from JNV Aishmuqam, Anantnag (Kashmir) he went to Idara Tehqeeqat e Islami (a famous Islamic Institute in Anantnag, Kashmir, India) where he Memorised Qur'aan e Paak in less than 3 months.
And in 2014 he completed "Molvi Aalim Fazil” from there. He completed Dars e Nizami course from this Idara.

Apart from books taught in Dars e Nizami he learned "Tafseer e Kabeer” by Imam Razi
Umdatul Qari Sharh by Imam Aini
Ash'atul Lum'aat Sharh Mishkaat, 
Ma La Budda Minhu etc under Mufti Wajhul Qamar Amjadi Sahab and Mufti Azeemullah Misbahi Sahab, 

He also learned Mathnawi Maulana Rumi,
Some Ahadith of Bukhari 
Qir'at Sa'ba
Al-Risala by Imam Qusheri under Late Al-Haaj Qari Peer Syed Siraaj-ud-Deen Sahab and also became his Disciple (Mureed).

Meanwhile studying in Idara Tehqeeqat e Islami, he was also studying B.A in Arabic from degree college Anantnag, Kashmir and in same year 2014 he completed his graduation from this college too.

It was at this time that he started to give public lectures to thousands of people and he had two debates with Wahabis in which Alhamdulillah his opponents accepted truth there.

Then he completed M.A Arabic at Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora (Kashmir). After this he completed B.Ed course from Rehmat e Aalam college of education, Anantnag Kashmir. 

His teaching career :

He was teaching Quran while he himself was studying in 8th standard but in 2010 he started an Institute in his hometown Kurigam, Qazigund, Kashmir where he started to teach Quran, Tajweed, Fiqh Hanafi and until now hundreds have studied under him in this institute. 
In 2017 he began to teach at Idara Tehqeeqat e Islami, where he taught different books of Dars e Nizami.
Currently he is teaching Tajweed, Qur'aan e Paak, Fiqh, at Idara Habibia Tanveer ul Islam Kurigam, Qazigund, Kashmir. And he has also taught online at Avicenna Academy, Britain. But he left it due to Internet Blockade in Kashmir back in 2016.

He is a Prolific Public Speaker and an Author of over hundred books. 
He has also received an Ijaza in few Sufi Tariqas from his Paternal grandfather and his Mentor (Peer o Murshid) Late Hazrat Peer Syed Siraj ud-Deen Sahab (May Allah have mercy upon him) and his Maternal grandfather late Hazrat Peer Hussain Shah Sahab Naqshbandi (May Allah have mercy upon him) and other Sufi Shuyukh of Kashmir.

Currently he is busy in translation of some Islamic books and writing some books based on Tasawwuf, Biographies of some Specific Sufis. He has penned down many articles based on useful Islamic information for everyone which are available on his website. 

He is also teaching online twice in a week Seerah of Holy Prophet of Mercy Peace be upon Him since June 2020 and the course is still going.
He keeps giving Public Speeches and Friday Sermons too in different parts of Kashmir.
He has many students who themselves are famous scholars of Kashmir.
He keeps giving reply to questions and queries based on various topics through various social media platforms.

Inspite of his own hectic schedules, researches and other works, he has kept the Sunday free for his Disciples to visit and consult him for their respective questions and affairs.

Few teachers of Shaykh Syed Zahid Hussain :

He was taught by many teachers who were masters/experts in their fields
Such as

At elementary and primary level -

- Late Hafiz Asgar Ali (a famous Hafiz Qari of his time) he taught him Qaida then Nazira Quran
- Qari Gulzar Sahab (famous expert of Tajweed) - taught him tajweed 
- Maulana Abdul Rasheed Sab (he was an expert of Arabic language of his area) he taught him Arabic grammar books

At Dars Nizami -

- Maulana Aijaz Sahab - Arabic Grammar
- Mufti Azeemullah Nizami Misbahi taught him Arabic Syntax, Morphology, Logic, Philosophy, Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir (all Major Books of Dars Nizami and Umdatul Qari Sharh Bukhari, Tafsir Kabir of Imam Razi etc)

- Mufti Wajhul Qamar Amjadi taught him Ilm ul Seegha (Arabic Morphology) Nahw Mir (Arabic Syntax) Parts of Tafsir Kabir of Imam Razi etc
- Late Pir Syed Sirajuddin Sahab (the great expert Imam of our times, Sufi Expert) taught him Quran, Persian, Fiqh Hanafi, Hadith, Sufi texts and also gave him Ijaza in different sciences and he is his Murshid also.

At university He did M.A Arabic language and literature under

- Late Dr Arif Qazi Nadwi
- Dr Abdul Majid Indrabi 
- Dr Inayat Rasool 
- Dr Irfani Rahim 
- Dr Irshad Ahmad Mir  
- Dr Abdul Waheed Sheikh al-madani



He was born into the noble family of 'Sadaat', He started his early education at home under his late grandfather Hazrat Pir Syed Siraj ud din Sahab (most respected and great spiritual personality of his time), later on He studied at Gousia Arabic College Qazigund upto 5th Standard, then he studied Medical science at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Aishmuqam, Anantnag, Kashmir in 12th standard.

Later on he did completed B.A from Degree College Boys Anantnag, 
Kashmir. and after that he completed his Masters in Arabic( language and literature) from Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora, Kashmir. 

He had studied basic Arabic Persian, and Islamic sciences under his late grandfather Hazrat Pir Syed Siraj ud din Sahab at his home in his childhood, and later on he Completed memorizing Quran at Idara Tehqiqaat Islami,anantnag Jammu and Kashmir, he is also a graduate of Dars Nizami from Idara Tehqiqaat Islami. 

He is teaching Tajweed, Quran, Fiqh at Idara Habibia Tanvir ul Islam Kurigam,Qazigund from 2010 and has taught at Idara Tehqiqaat Islami, Anantnag. And he has taught online through Avicenna Academy, Britain, but he left teaching there due to internet being blocked for some months in Kashmir back in 2016, he is a prolific public speaker and an author of several books.

He has also recieved Ijaza in few Sufi Tariqas from His Pir and Murshid Hazrat Pir Syed Siraj ud din Sahab (may allah have mercy on him) and His Maternal Grandfather late Hazart Pir Hussain Shah Sahab Naqshbandi (may allah have mercy on him) and other Sufi Shuyukh of Kashmir.

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