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Dr. Naveed Ahmed

FRCSEd (ORL-HNS) MSc DOHNS BSc (Hons) MBChB Consultant ENT SurgeonConsultant.

Dr Naveed Ahmad was born in Canada but completed his secondary education and a degree in Medicine in Manchester. In pursuing ihsan, his surgical training has taken him to the best hospitals in the UK (as well as training under the world's top surgeons in Canada and Australia) to become one of the top superspecialist surgeons in the NHS. He has many and varied interests and has obtained a Masters (with distinction) from University College London and is considered one of the top medicolegal experts in the UK. He set up and is Clinical Director for the world's first and largest international charitable implant programme for deprived children who are born deaf.


Dr Naveed's passion in gaining Islamic knowledge led him to study under some of the top scholars (around the world including from different sects) over the last 20 years. He has being blessed with multiple ijazahs (with sanad) in Fiqh, 'Aqeedah, Hadith, Arabic and 'Usul al Fiqh as well as studying philosophy and comparative religion (under some of the top debaters in the field).


He has served the Muslim and wider community in a number of capacities, as well as being active in dawah for over 2 decades (including being asked to speak multiple times on the TV and Radio). He designed and delivered the UK's first ever 10-day Dawah Training Course as well as multiple shorter courses throughout the UK (including at Regent's Park Mosque) and the world (including two in Toronto) - finding that his study of classical 'Aqeedah, Hadith sciences and philosophy was particularly relevant and empowering.

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