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Fiqh of Janazah (Funeral Rites) 

Topic: Fiqh

Duration/Lessons:  +2hrs / 3 lessons

Course Text: (Various Hanafi Fiqh texts) - Nur ul Idah / Quduri / Zahirul Riwayah

About: This course is based on Hanafi Fiqh and specifically the book of Ibadah (worship) and the chapter of Janazah (Funeral Rites). The study of this is fard-ul-ain (compulsory) on every Muslim to know and understand. The course goes over the theoretical and practical side of funeral rites and has an excellent Q&A at the end that explains any misconceptions or misunderstandings regarding funeral rites. A must watch for students looking into the study of Fiqh. 

NOTE: There are 2 different courses in the videos below. Both are Fiqh of Janazah but taught at 2 different locations.