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Forced Sex with Slaves in Islam - Myth or Reality?

Topic: Contemporary

Duration/Lessons: +30mins / 1 lesson

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About: Islamophobes love to assert this, along with holding Islam accountable for slavery in general. This absurdity has been refuted even by Orientalists but the refuge of Evangelicals nowadays is to assert that Muslims 'rape their captives'.  Shaykh Atabek refutes this stupidity comprehensively. He takes the approach that even bad manners to a captive, let alone wounding, are strictly prohibited in the classical schools. Rape is not mentioned explicitly as it is obviously far in excess of both of these prohibitions. He also addresses the favourite of Islamophobes, the alleged 'battlefield rapes', where captives had intercourse on the night of capture and shows how there is an unjustified leap from 'sex' to 'rape' (i.e, whenever Muslims have sex, they are assumed to be raping someone).Shaykh Atabek looks at the issue and gives the factual, most authentic evidence on this matter to clear up all the misconceptions (deliberate and non-deliberate) involved around the issue.