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asking questions others don't. answering questions others won't

1000s of short question and answers (some with videos) on various topics. Use the search function or explore each category / topic.

This section of the site has been developed as a Q&A section for both non-members and members. The main aim of the section is to help the wider community in that particular field. Below are some guidelines to ensure there is effective use of this system.


  1. Posts can only be made by members. Anyone may signup by clicking the icon on top of this page. The member shall then be reviewed by an administrator and approved. By becoming a member you shall have access to a wide range of pages on the site.

  2. Once you have become a member, to create a post, visit the Islam Q&A section, then click on create a post. The post can be in form of just text or with media such as a youtube video or link to another source. Can we please recommend that not only should you have certification in the field but also include as much information as possible including references. The posts will be monitored by admin and any misuse the post shall be removed and the member may be blocked from making further posts. Any complaints please email 

  3. The posted are not necessary the views of Shaykh Atabek Shukrov and Maturidi Institute. The posts which have been checked by Shaykh Atabek Shukurov and / or Shaykh's senior students will be pinned. 

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